Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to TechnologySpeaking, the blog!

Hi everyone - yes, both of you - and welcome to my blog. Introductions are always awkward and I want to jump right in with content, so I'll be brief here. Having worked for the last two years as a tech blogger for other people, and still having the initial twin loves of tech and writing that got me into it in the first place, I have decided it's time to start one of my own.

The name was chosen because it is vaguely a pun and sounds like it's about technology. Read me long enough and you'll see puns occupy a far, far greater portion of my writing than anyone in their right mind should allow. Now that I'm down to one reader, I'll explain how I choose my topics.

I will post about what I like. I am an avid reader of tech blogs (literally part of my job description) and occasionally have an opinion or two - the best of what I see and think, I'll post. I like discussion, so feel free to talk back to me at any time with your own opinions or even just stories you think I should post about. The name of the blog is Technologyspeaking, after all. Emails can be sent to

Just a note - technology may speak differently to all of us, but comments that are not constructive or at least funny as hell in my own personal estimation will not be tolerated. But I'm getting ahead of myself, talking about comments on a blog with no posts.

Well, all right. Time to jump right in. Nice to meet all of you.

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